“Without NGT’s help in Northern Liberties, I can’t imagine how different our quality of life would be. The gardens bring so much joy to the neighborhood, and the Spooky Garden serves a wide cross section of the community.”

— Dennis Madigan, Spooky Garden

“My garden is a place of inspiration where I go to think, take photographs and grow bitter melon.”

— Chris Hibbard, Chester Avenue Community Garden

“This is a wonderful garden–a beautiful space! I’ve been diggin’ here since 1994.”

— Otto, Seedy Acres

“I love when you turn the corner onto Kauffman St and you’re met with a pergola where people often stop to take pictures.”

— Elizabeth McCardell, Kauffman Street Community Garden

“The garden provides a reminder that the connection to the earth also serves as a connection to one another.”

— Cyndi Line, Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden

“Sipping iced tea brewed from fresh herbs grown in our garden is the perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon.”

— Linda Soffer, Spooky Garden

“Harvesting bounty from our garden with my daughter is a profound joy. We made jam from our garden’s berries in the summer, and ate it all up on the first snow day this winter. How cool is that?!”

— Alexis Buss, Chester Avenue Community Garden

“A 20’ x 15’ urban plot provides astonishing amounts of fresh, healthy food almost year round.”

— B. McKenzie, Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden

“The garden revitalized the neighborhood. It’s a recreational and therapy center.”

— Viery Ricketts-Thomas, Glenwood Green Acres

“My wife and I have made many new friends because of our garden on Warrington Avenue.”

— John Valentino, Warrington Garden

“Having access to Spooky Garden in Northern Liberties gives me a place to quiet my mind in nature, connect with our neighbors, harvest fresh herbs, and share the wonders of nature with my growing boys.”

— Erin Owen, Spooky Garden

“We got married on the 4th of July, high noon, under the apple tree of Seedy Acres. Probably our favorite place in the world!”

— Jon and Kelly Costella, Seedy Acres

“It is more than a community garden—it’s a delightful garden community.”

— J. Ventre, Southwark/Queen Village Community Garden

“Growing my own tomatoes, doing it in a communal setting where I run into friends and neighbors—couldn’t get much better.”

— Carla Puppin, Bel Arbor Community Garden